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Page Title: Plastic Model Kits Parts Request

Page Description: Welcome to the Plastic Model Kits Parts Request page at Merit International Ltd. If you have purchased a plastic model kit directly from us and require specific parts, you're in the right place.

Parts Inquiry Guidelines:

  • This form is exclusively for customers who have purchased model kits directly from Merit International Ltd.
  • Please provide detailed information about the specific parts you are seeking, including the kit's name, part number, and a clear description.
  • Our team will do their best to assist you with your parts request promptly.

Important Note: If you did not purchase the model kit directly from Merit International Ltd, we kindly advise you to contact the original manufacturer of the product for parts inquiries. We exclusively handle part requests for items purchased directly from our official channels.

Thank you for choosing Merit International Ltd for your modeling needs. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Please email for any parts request.  Please include the model number SKU and a picture of the part you need from the handbook.  We will do our best to help you.  

Please refer to the above terms before submitting a parts request.  Requests that do not follow the above terms will be ignored.

Parts Request